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Explore Beyond Boundary | 25th Anniversary Tours 2008 Exploring the North for 25 years
At Ruby Range Adventure we are proud to have spent the last 25 years exploring the fascinating landscapes and the unique culture of Yukon & Alaska; sharing these unforgettable moments with our guests from all over the world. To celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2008 we want you to come with us on a journey beyond the boundaries, deep into the hidden valleys and onto the secret streams.
Join us and explore the last untouched treasures of the North.

Explore Secret Waterways (15 days)
15 days / 14 nights guided canoe tour on the Beaver River
Explore Secret Waterways | Beaver River (15 days) Date: 07.08.-21.08.2008
Experience pristine wilderness with amazing wildlife-viewing opportunities while paddling the Beaver River on our Anniversary Canoeing Tour.
Fly with the water airplane to a small lake. Relaxed days on small lakes through intriguing brooks to explore. There is plenty of time to observe animals and fish, and to let your mind wander. The narrow wound and strongly grown together brook, flows finally into the Beaver River. Here already a small river it permits us views of the broader river valley, of the rough mountains, of the Nadaleen Range. Fast current, clear water and wonderful gravel bars on the bank change the landscape suddenly. The Stewart River is already a substantial river when the Beaver leads into it with fast current, canyons, rapids and spacious valleys. Solitude, overwhelming nature, silence, and the whole variety of the animal world of moose, beavers and wolves, up to eagles, swans and otters are ours to discover. » read more

Explore Remote Valleys (8 Days)
8 days / 7 nights guided trekking tour in Tombstone Park
Explore Remote Valleys | Trekking Tombstone Mountain (8 Days) Date: 21.08.-28.08.2008
Discover endless valleys and ascend breathtaking mountains while hiking in Tombstone Park on our Anniversary Trekking Tour.
Tombstone Park is a place where people can step into the natural world and experience the awesome beauty of a northern mountain wilderness. Hikers and photographers are attracted by tundra walking with dramatic views, unusual landforms and craggy peaks. Wildlife viewers are rewarded by the diversity of species including large mammals and a unique array of birds.
Tombstone's unique collection of vegetation and wildlife is linked to the special geology and geography of the region. The diversity of rocks and minerals in the area has created a variety of soils which support a wide range of plant communities. The variety of plants, in turn, provides habitat for many animal species. The elevation and shape of the land funnels cold arctic air through the broad valleys, influencing the plants as well as the permafrost landforms.
The arctic tundra environment, which is normally found several hundred kilometres to the north, reaches its southernmost extent at the north end of the Tombstone area. Here, the vegetation and terrain is almost indistinguishable from the high arctic - a treeless, windswept area of shrub tundra and ground-hugging plants.
Tombstone Territorial Park protects over 2,000 square kilometres in the south Ogilvie Mountains. The park's boundaries were announced in December of 1999. A result of the Tr'ondek Hwech'in Final Agreement, Tombstone Park was established to protect the life, landforms and heritage of this subarctic wilderness. » read more

Tour Impressions
Get an inside to the extrodinary landscape and wildlife you'll discover on our Anniversary Tours.

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PhotoContest 2007
PhotoContest 2007 With odds as good as they are, you would be crazy not to participate. The gorgeous scenery and abundance of happy faces make it easy to win.
Any photographs you send us following your tour with us (as many as you like!) will automatically be entered, and will be anonymously judged by February 15th 2008 by our staff. » read more

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Explore Beyond Boundary | 25th Anniversary Tours 2008
Explore Secret Waterways | Beaver River (15 days)
Explore Remote Valleys | Trekking Tombstone Mountain (8 Days)

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