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Tour Guide: Adam Moore
Position: Tour Guide
I grew up in the northern central United States, a region with abundant lakes, rivers, trees and streams, where the four seasons of the year vary dramatically and saying I was going “outside to play” often meant looking for adventures in tramping through several miles of hills and fields. As an adult, travelling in North America and abroad opened up a larger, still more varied scale of experiences and the mountains, oceans, glaciers, canyons, cities and wide open spaces have kept me fascinated with one part of the world after another. I have always loved to introduce others to the places and experiences I like best and so found leading treks and tours to some of these amazing destinations to be an ideal opportunity. The grand scale of the scenery, the long summer days, the friendly people of the present and the colourful characters of the past all make Yukon Territory and Alaska one of my very favorite areas in the world. Now in my eighth year of leading tours across the USA and in Canada, I am very excited to join Ruby Range Adventure and bring new visitors to explore the far north.