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Sales Manager: Brent Gavin
Position: Sales & Product Manager
Never at a loss for something funny to say, Brent’s pleasant and highly enthusiastic personality make him a pleasure to deal with! Two of Brent’s largest passions in life have always been human interaction along with the wonderfully infectious world of tourism & travel. He knew at a very early stage of his professional career when running the daily operations of an Ottawa based step-on tour guide company that he had found his “happy place” and has never looked back since. Whether working for a DMC Company, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada or as Tourism Yukon’s Agency of Record where his core responsibilities were to ensure a smooth delivery of world class events such as “Rendez-Vous Canada” or whether showcasing some of our Country’s most iconic tourist sites to all walks of life in his various tour guiding/adventure company roles, Brent lives and breathes tourism! As such, one might state that his most recent reincarnation as Sales Manager for Ruby Range Adventure/Arctic Range Adventure might very well be a match made in heaven! When not working diligently away at promoting the Yukon to the world, you will likely find Brent somewhere in nature either recreating, photographing or simply trying to befriend the local wildlife!