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Tour Guide: Daniel Joseph
Position: Tour Guide
I speak 5 languages! I can make bannock I can ride a unicycle (sort of) I can turn what would seem to be negative situations into postive ones. I can listen (it doesn't sound impressive, but so many people think they are, but they're not. I can learn fast! I hitch hiked across north Africa, from Morroco through to Egypt. I took 6 months. I maintained my sanity (barely) I rode my bike all winter long while living in Irkutsk, Russia (if the temperature fell below -27 my bike would freeze and so I had to take the bus, but that's just as adventurous!) on my last trip, I portaged my canoe 1.8km without stopping! I portaged my canoe across the border from Sweden into Norway (it wasn't difficult, but it sounds cool!) I've been swimming in the artic ocean (most of the guides probably have, but I still think it's impressive!) I've climbed a 150m cliff naked! and the list goes on...