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Tour Guide: Jane Vincent
Position: Tour Guide
Canoeing is a fantastic way to explore the land. I have travelled tens of thousands of miles of Yukon’s waterways by canoe. The river trips I have guided for Ruby Range include the Big Salmon River, the Beaver Stewart rivers, the Takhini, the Wheaton and the mighty Yukon. I also lead canoe programs for First Nations and for school groups. I love canoeing! Whether it be a first descent of a remote river, the Yukon River Quest canoe race or a fall fishing and gathering trip, I find many ways to enjoy the water.
As a certified moving water instructor with Paddle Canada, I enjoy teaching the skills that will enhance a paddler’s enjoyment and safety on the water. Wilderness travel is my passion so paddling with loaded boats, creating comfortable camps and working with the water and the weather come naturally to me. I am 46, have 2 children who were raised in canoes, and a background in sport. Happy Paddling!