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Karsten Mercier - Managing Director
Position: President
Always looking for the perfect balance between office-duties and spending as much time as possible Fly Fishing in the land of the Midnight Sun. Karsten enjoys the most exploring rivers, lakes and streams he has not fished before. And there are still plenty to discover in Alaska and Canada's Northwest....... Fishing for Salmon, Northern Pike, Grayling and Lake Trout are mostly the best options up north, but Karsten often prefers to focus on species which are not on everybody’s 'catching-list' such as Dolly Varden, Inconnu and other Whitefish. Karsten has fished lots of different waters world-wide but believes that the variety of different species combined with the pristine wilderness up here is hard to match. This is also the perfect playground for his now 3 year old son Felix, who is eager to learn as much as possible and seems already 'to be hooked' as well.