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Position: Tour Guide
At the age of ten years I made my first trip to Canada and I was thrilled on exploring this country ever since.
As a student in Germany I cycled the Small Carpathian Mountains, Masuria and the fjords and Fjell plateaus of Norway on adventurous trips.
Later the magnificence of the Alps rose my passion for climbing and mountaineering. Since I was fascinated by the Dolomites I also traversed these mountains on touring skies.
As an organizing member of the Trekcologne hiking club in the Cologne area (Germany) I planned and led day hikes and multi day trips with great enthusiasm.
After all I turned my passion for the outdoors into a profession. I completed the Adventure Tourism Program at TRU, Kamloops. Mountaineering and climbing trips in the Rocky Mountains, hiking the West Coast Trail and in the Kluane National Park and kayak and canoe trips have enriched my experience.
By combinination of working in my dream job in the country of my dreams I am happy to share my experience with the guests and I'm looking forward to sharing new adventures with them on upcoming trips.