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Congratulations to our contest winners!
3 winners have been selected by our staff from many entries.
Here they are in order of choice. To enlarge click the thumbnail.

1st Prize "(Marc Schwalke) 1st Prize (Marc Schwalke)

Winner: Marc Schwalke

Prize: Marc is the grand prize winner of a Gold Rush Tour with Ruby Range Adventure! This image received votes from all judges, and was the clear winner from the top-rated. Congratulations Marc!

2nd Prize Cathleen White 2nd Prize (Cathleen White)

2nd Prize: Cathleen White

Prize: Cathleen is the winner of a Waterproof Gear Bag (value 200 CAD). This image also received votes from all judges. Congratulations Cathleen!

3rd Prize " (Detlef & Sabine Schumann) 3rd Prize (Detlef & Sabine Schumann)

3rd Prize: Detlef & Sabine Schumann

Prize: Detlef & Sabine are the winners of a Sling Bag (value 100 CAD). Congratulations to both!