With odds as good as they are, you would be crazy not to participate.

The gorgeous scenery and abundance of happy faces make it easy to win.

Any photographs you send us following your tour with us (as many as you like!) will automatically be entered, and will be anonymously judged by February 15th of the following year by our staff.

The winning photos will be selected based on their capacity to show the charm or fun of a Wilderness Adventure/Luxury Experience, and their suitability for reproduction.


Grand Prize:

Gold Rush Tour
Tour Duration: 22 Days
approx. Value:
CAD 3315.00

Second Prize:

Dry BagWaterproof Gear Bag
approx. Value:
CAD 200.00

Third Prize:

Sling Bag Sling Bag
approx. Value:
CAD 100.00

All entries must:

  • digital photos must be labeled to include your name and the tour adventure
  • the higher-resolution the better
  • be submitted as high-resolution digital photos

Winners will be announced at the end of February of the following year.

The Grand Price includes participation of this fantastic Multi-Adventure Tour for one Person with Ruby Range Adventure Ltd. Grand Price winners of the photo contest receive a certificate which they can use for this tour within the next three years. The Certificates can not be transferred to others (not to be sold). Other prices will be shipped to winners upon announcement.


Hints for taking good photos

Use a good camera. Disposables are convenient, but pictures taken through cheap lenses are usually not suitable for reproduction.
The higher the resolution and larger the size of digital photos, the better the chances of winning.
Try to capture smiling faces without sunglasses! Eyes and smiles help contribute to winning pictures.

Some conditions will apply to prizes

All entries become the property of Ruby Range Adventure Ltd., and may be used for publicity purposes. Winning entries will not necessarily be published. All submissions may be edited for publication.