Anja O (Germany)

I did the “Goldrush Tour” – a combination of paddling and hiking – and had a great time in the Yukon and Alaska. It has been amazing time on Teslin and Yukon River as well in in the beautiful National Parks up north. What a great experience!! The 2 guides Teagen and Aiden took care of us all the time and shared their experience. They both have given good instructions how to cross eddies and rapids. I have always felt safe.

Having booked a camping trip in a remote area of Canada, I had expected to travel with little comfort at a basic level. Tents and equipment have been in good condition. I learn how to set up a tent on a pebble beach – a spot I would never have chosen for camping in Europe. And it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as it seemed before.

The food cooked in team-effort on a camping stove has been extraordinary. Teagen – if there existed Michelin Stars for outdoor haute cuisine, you would deserve some!! I didn’t expect to have pancakes or scrambled eggs for breakfast in the bush. The guides dealt even with several food intolerances including mine. Great job!

What I particularly liked about the hiking tours was that Teagen gave suggestions about various opportunities and we decided on a tour together. Different skill levels of the group were taken into account.

I really enjoyed the time in the small towns like Dawson City, Chicken, Haines and Skagway where you still can feel the atmosphere of the gold rush a bit. Panning dirt for a few flakes of fine gold was fun. It was very interesting to experience how modern gold mining works (Dawson) as well as to see the historic industrial monuments like the Pedro Dredge (Chicken).

I loved the outstanding beauty of the National Parks. The scenery was spectacular.
Observing Wildlife was definitely one of my highlights: not only the small animals like squirrels, chipmunks and bird, I even saw a swimming moose and Mama Grizzly and her cubs.

Thank you Teagen for showing us your beautiful Yukon – I have had an amazing time.