Guided Canoe Tours on Yukon's Rivers

For your trip this summer, join us on a journey of a lifetime, and do so from a new-old vantage point: the canoe!

Surrounded by refreshing rivers, exquisite scenery and our passionate guides, you’ll have everything you need for a trip you’ll never forget.

When it comes to exploring the Canadian North, nothing surpasses the experience of paddling down Yukon rivers. With its abundance of waterways, this Canadian territory offers a remarkably wide array of natural itineraries to choose from. Our guided canoe packages aim to do nature justice by ranging from fast-paced adventure on rapids all the way to stillness and recollection on quieter Yukon waters.

No matter your pace and preferences, rest assured that you will find the best fit for your trip within Ruby Range Adventure’s broad catalogue.

Among our most popular canoe tours you’ll find several attractive options. The classic 20-day adventure down the Yukon river with departure from and return to Whitehorse, for example, is a great trip to add to your travel log! Or, for those seeking calmer waters and shorter tours to enjoy with their loved ones, our 7-day canoe expedition for families on the Nisutlin river is another popular choice.

If, however, you’re ready for a more solitary and intense paddle experience, and are fully committed to immersing yourself in a true wilderness adventure, tours such as The Snake, The Wind, or our 20-day Last Frontier Canoe Route on Bonnet Plume River might be the ones for you.

Finally, we also offer other interest trips, such as a women’s only 12-day journey on the Yukon river, and trips paddling down lesser-known waterways, including tours of 11 to 15 days on the Big Salmon, Teslin and Beaver rivers.

Regardless of your choice, as you make your way down Yukon rivers, our dedicated and experienced guides will be there to keep you safe, help you discover important landmarks and landscapes, and, with a bit of luck, point out extraordinary wildlife sightings.

One thing is certain: whether you are looking to learn more about local cultures, follow into the “paddle steps” of Gold Rush adventurers, or simply experience true Yukon wilderness, our guided Yukon canoe tours will be the perfect summer expedition.


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What can be expected in terms of weather?
Our summers are beautiful with a lot of daylight. During June, July and August, you can expect comfortable daytime temperatures ranging from 12°C to 16°C on average. That said, mother nature can be unpredictable and you have to be ready for everything including rain, wind, and potentially snow as well as heat waves. Keep in mind things can change quickly and the best way to avoid any discomfort is to be prepared with the right equipment. To get more information about the weather in the Yukon you can visit the Environment Canada website.
Once you book, we will send you a detailed list of material to bring on your trip.
Most Yukon Rivers are famous depending on what type of paddler you are. The Yukon River is by far the most popular because of its historical background, but other rivers are also worth paddling! The Teslin, the Nisutlin and the Pelly Rivers are all good options for beginners. If you are an intermediate paddler, you can look at the Big Salmon, the Beaver, the McQuesten and the Wind River. For expert paddlers we offer the Snake, the Bonnet Plume and the Hess River.
You will encounter less people and potentially see more wildlife. The scenery will also be different if you decide to explore the north of the Yukon. Each river has something unique and magical.
Our beginner programs always start off with an instructional component designed to teach you the skills necessary for safe wilderness travel. A background in camping and paddling is an asset but not necessary. These programs are open to expert and novice paddlers alike. You can consult our skill level rating chart here.
All the material is provided except for you personal gear, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and small dry-bag. We have a rental program for sleeping bags and sleeping mats but quantities are limited. Contact us to check availability.
The minimum age for a river trip is 7 years old on the Nisutlin River. For other rivers, please contact us to discuss the options.
Yes you can bring your equipment. Make sure to get a small dry bag to keep it safe from water.
Distances will vary between 30 to 60 km per day an average of 6 hours in the canoe everyday.
We usually do not bring pets on river expeditions unless you decide to book a private trip. Please contact us to discuss the options.
Mosquito populations vary according to temperature, rainfall, and wind. On the river mosquitoes are not an issue. We only see them in camp but if you bring a good repellent and proper clothing, it won't be a problem. Wondering what type of repellent to use? Take a look at this article to make the proper choice!
We strongly suggest a minimum of -5°C comfort zone.
Yes you can, your luggage will be stored for the length of your trip.
You can bring rubber boots, sandals or neoprene booties and light hiking shoes or runners.
No, we provide one 120L dry-bag per person but you will need a small dry bag in addition.
We use tandem tripping canoes mainly 16, 17 and 18ft. Depending on your trip, it could be a Nova Craft Prospector, Esquif Prospecteur or Old Town Discovery.
Yes you can. Your guide will take a look at it during the pre-trip meeting to make sure it meets our standards.
You have to be in a generally good shape. You need to be able to carry material and paddle for many hours everyday. See each tour for details regarding paddling skills.
We set camp on the best spots possible. Sometimes on river banks, on islands, or in the woods. There are no designated campgrounds of facilities on the river.
You will be eating well! We aim for variety and quality. The food is nutritious and plentiful as this is an active adventure. We use a combination of fresh, packaged, dried, and freeze-dried ingredients to prepare our meals.Your guide will prepare a menu taking food restrictions into consideration.
Yes, you can. You will have to get a fishing license in Whitehorse prior to your departure.
Depending on the trip you choose, it is possible to see other groups or not. We very rarely share camps with others.
There will not be facilities on the river. Your guide will instruct you the proper technique to go in nature at the pre-trip meeting and you will be provided with the necessary material.
There is a good chance of seeing bears from a safe distance. Your guide will give you a briefing on what to do if you encounter a bear on your own and you will always carry a bear spray if you wonder alone away from camp. In most cases, bears are uninterested to interact with humans and if you respect the basic rules of bear safety, chances of a negative interaction are extremely limited. If you want to learn more about bear safety in the Yukon, please consult this page.
There is a good chance of seeing wildlife all over the Yukon and Alaska. It is impossible to predict when, where and what you will see, but it is very unlikely that you will not see animals. If you are lucky you could encounter a Black or Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, Dear, Fox, Lynx, Bison, Mountain Goats, Sheep, Elk, Coyote, many types of birds, and much more. If you want to learn more about the different types of wildlife you can encounter in the Yukon have a look at this page.
Your guide is trained to face emergency situations and is carrying a satellite communication device at all times. In case of emergency, Ruby Range Adventure will organize an evacuation.
You will have no service on the river. It is the perfect time to turn the phone off and enjoy nature to the fullest.
On the river you will have groups of 2 to 12 people.
No problem, you need to specify your dietary restrictions at time of booking and your guide will take them into consideration for the meal planning.
Although alcohol is not included in the meal plan, you are welcomed to bring your own. We usually offer a stop at the liquor store before the start of the trip.
Many guests have health issues: medications, allergies, chronic conditions, old injuries, physical limitations. It will not stop you from enjoying an adventure with us. Everyone is asked to fill a medical information form that will be used in case of an emergency. You can also notify your guide of any condition you think might limit you during the trip.
Helping out is part of the adventures. Guests are expected to help their guide with certain tasks around camp and in the kitchen when necessary.
Yes, there will be time for pictures all along your trip.
We use a gravity filter to treat water from the river during the trip. It is a safe and delicious!


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