Tombstone Territorial Park is a place where you can truly lose yourself in nature. The park is over 2,200 square kilometres and borders some of the widest spans of roadless, untouched wilderness on the continent. Hikers and photographers are attracted by tundra landscapes, vibrant arctic flowers and dwarf willows, and the towering black peaks. Wildlife viewers are rewarded by the diversity of species including bears, sheep, caribou, and an extraordinary variety of birds.

Our exclusive tour begins with a helicopter flight into the heart of the park, where we’ll establish a base camp at a high and seldom-visited alpine lake. From here, we have four days to explore the surrounding ridges and valleys. The tour finishes with a day in fun-filled and historic Dawson City.

This trip is designed to connect with our exciting tour down the equally remote and rarely visited Beaver River. See Explore Secret Waterways for more details.