Went on a trip living three weeks in the wilderness of the Yukon. Well organised and experienced guides! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Certainly will come back for more adventures on the endless rivers.

– Korbinian S. (Germany)

Yukon&Alaska tour with Ruby Range Adventure in summer 2016 was one of my best experience ever. Professional organization, friendly and willing tour guide who was knowledgeable about the history of the places and cities we visited. The trip filled all of my expectations plus we were good group having fun and good time on the way. If I went to Alaska&Yukon experience again, I would chose Ruby Range Advanture again, for sure. I can really recommend this company.

– Michal O. (Czech Republic)

My wife and I were the Comfort Tour of Alaska and the Yukon, starting from Anchorage.
We would like to say how much we enjoyed the trip. It was all that we had hoped it would be and so much more. In no small way, this was helped by out tour guide/leader, Adam. This was shown in the amount of information (facts and background stories), the willingness to help and cope with difficult situations (an example was when we had to accommodate some of the German group, due to needing to fit a replacement window in their bus). Even Doris, another Ruby tour guide, said how lucky we were to have Adam. For us it was a very special, once-in-a -lifetime experience. Our travel agent here in the UK, Trailfinders, a very well respected and award winning travel company, rang to ask our opinion of the tour. I passed on the same comments as above. Please let Adam know our comments. Kind regards

– Frank & Rosalind D. (UK)

This tour was perfect! I can’t imagine a better way to visit ’the last frontier’. Our driver-guide was a joy to be with and full of interesting and funny stories. The itinerary and the included excursions were very well done; the majority of the optional excursions that I participated in were well worth the additional money spent, especially the Kenai Fjords tour.

– Ruth S.

I recently returned from an outstanding canoe trip with Ruby Range. A lifetime memory to treasure! But sometimes bad things happen, even when you do everything right, and that’s what happened to me. According to what the doctor later told me I must have been exposed to a nasty staph infection 2-20 days before the trip, and on day 2 on the river my finger swelled up, turned red and began to hurt. Martin, our RR guide, put antibiotic cream and a bandage on my finger twice a day, and by day 4 he was giving me warm water with soap or salt in it to soak my finger. But every day the swelling, pain and redness grew worse. On day 6 I said to Martin, “I need a rescue.” He immediately picked up the satellite phone and called Ruby Range in Whitehorse. Barely 3 hrs. later a chopper with 2 paramedics landed on the sandbar where we were camped to take me to Whitehorse, where an ambulance was waiting. I was taken to Whitehorse General Hospital and put on intravenous antibiotics. My evacuation was swift, very professional, seemingly simple and ultimately successful. My finger and hand were saved, and, as the infection was deep and very serious, quite possibly my life, as well. It was all very ….routine…. as if evacuations from deep in the wilderness were practiced every week. As the chopper was landing I asked Martin, “How many helicopter rescues have you done?” He said, “You are the first.” I asked, “How long have you been guiding?” “Since 2011”, he said. I’d like to thank and salute him and Ruby Range for their training, preparedness and execution, which turned a medical emergency into something very ordinary.

– Bruce J. (USA)

I recently enjoyed a canoe trip down the Yukon with a group of Brits booked through Exodus. I write to tell you what an incredible experience this was and congratulate you on the standard of service provided. I have, over the years, participated in many unsupported treks and adventure activities all over the world but have never been as overall impressed as I was with your provision. Our guide, Kaelin Shea was excellent. Our party of 11 included only one person with any canoeing experience, yet despite this and the river current being very fast Kaelin managed to instruct us adequately to keep us safe. Her priority was always the safety and welfare of the group and despite many unforeseen situations she remained positive, encouraging and always professional.

– Ca S. (UK)

Such a great Yukon adventure we went on!!! The guides Benny, Simon & Jonas were AWESOME!!! Taking great care of us, with safety & fun the top priorities. Highly recommended, & can’t wait to go again – Thanks!

– Jennifer A. (Canada)