Arctic Ocean Dream & Dempster Highway – from Whitehorse to Tuktoyaktuk

The ultimate northern road trip! On this week-long adventure, you will visit Whitehorse; Yukon’s capital, the legendary gold rush hub; Dawson city, where we will catch a bit of the gold fever ourselves by touring the historic town and visiting its dance halls and restaurants.

From Dawson, we head north on the famous Dempster Highway through the Tombstone Mountains, which are some of the newest and rawest peaks in North America. We will reach Eagle Plains and spend the night in a hotel under the midnight sun, before crossing the Arctic Circle early the next day, where a little celebration is planned. Leaving the Ogilvie Mountains behind us we pass over immense arctic tundra before climbing up and over the Richardson Mountains and into the Northwest Territories and our first hint of the Arctic Ocean. We’ll cross some important rivers before reaching Inuvik, a modern town on the edge of the Mackenzie River Delta.

On a day trip we will head north on the newly completed highway to Tuktoyaktuk, an Inuvialuit hamlet on the arctic coast. This incredible road trip will make you travel through mountain ranges and alpine tundra and cross remote rivers to reach the end of this iconic gravel road. People come from all round the world to drive the Dempster Highway and make their way to Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk and the arctic ocean, it is the ultimate arctic dream!