The Kluane Lake is one of few chosen Canadian waterways which is declared as “Trophy Lake”. This means here you’ll find excellent Trophy Fish. These waters are home to Lake Trouts getting here over 40 pounds in weight. Fishermen catch regularly fish with an average of 10 to 15 pounds and every year guests of the lodge catch trouts with over 30 pounds. These fish grow very slow (ca. 300g per year) and are immensely strong. Big trouts demand everything from angler and equipment.

The natives name for the lake is “Big Fish Lake”. There are stories of “Monster” which caused horrific bite wounds and its believed there are fish with up to 100 pounds to be found. Nobody knows what the upper limit for the weight of these fish in the lake are but local fishing authorities have sighted trouts with approximately over 60 pounds.

Besides these the Kluane Lake offers a wide range of species to sport-fishermen i.e. the Arctic Grayling, which habitat in big numbers the tributaries of the lake. They can be caught best with dry- and wet-flies. Also Northern Pikes, which get up to 25 pounds. Very special are the hardly known and almost never fished Whitefish and Burbot. Adventurous anglers will undoubtfully find a challenge here.

Kluane Lake is frozen seven month of the year due to its location 61 degree of latitude at 850 meter above sea level. Starting in May the lake thaws from the mouth of Talbot Creek, mid June the fishing-season starts at the lodge.

The lodge is located amidst impressive scenery at the north-end of the lake close to the mouth of Talbot Creek. The 30km long fjord-like bay is called Talbot Arm which cuts into the Ruby Range Mountains. Those mountains shield the area against the wind which can be cause the main lake to be choppy and windblown. There is no road access to the lodge in the wilderness and guests are brought here with the boat or float plane.

The lodge includes a main building with 4 double rooms, a kitchen, a big dining room, a relaxing living room including a small bar and a bathroom. Attached to the main building is a spacious sundeck. Additionally, there are two rustic cabins on the property accommodating 2-3 guest. There is also shower cabin with 2 individual bathrooms, a cozy sauna, a equipment shack and a historic Trapper Cabin.

The area is not only a paradise for the sport-fishermen but also for friends of wildlife and wilderness. Hikers and wildlife watcher alike enjoy the surrounding scenery even though guests are not expected to be active mountaineers. Everyone willing to ascend a few hundred meters will be rewarded with breathtaking views above the tree line and the chance to observe uncommon wildlife close up. In the Yukon live Cariboos, Dallsheeps, Moose, Grizzlys and Black Bears. Wolfs and other mammals are also habitants of the boreal forest and mountains.

Baldeagles nest in the delta of the Talbot Creek and many other birds like Ducks, Swans and Goose use the short arctic summer to raise their offspring. Discover the beauty of Kluane Lake with its surrounding mountains and bays on your own or guided. You’ll be amazed by the Ruby Range Mountains, which embrace the lodge, and the the snow covered mountain tops of the Kluane Mountains, which rise over 6000 Meter high out of glaciers fields.

Along with motorboats and canoes a Bayliner Yacht can be used for excursions. This yacht is also used to transfer guests across the lake to the lodge. An especially exciting wilderness experience is the optional visit to Outpostcamps including overnight stays which can be arranged on request. Or simply stay in the lodge and let your mind wander; relax, read, write and take in this outstanding and peaceful place – there are no limits to your individuality at the Ruby Range Wilderness Lodge.