Canoe Skill Level Rating

We evaluate the skill level required for your enjoyment on a Ruby Range Adventure by assessing a combination of different factors. We take into consideration the technical skill level of the route, the tempo of the trip in regards to the length of each day, the isolation and the expected weather conditions. By looking at all these factors we rate our adventures in the following way:               

Just as a side note we find most people underestimate their abilities. Please call our toll free line 1 888 667 2209 if you have any questions regarding your abilities for a particular adventure.


Never even sat in a canoe before, no problem! Our open programs always start off with an instructional component designed to teach you the skills necessary for safe wilderness travel. A background in camping and paddling is an asset but not necessary. These programs are open to expert and novice paddlers alike. You will appreciate the experienced teaching skills of our patient guides.


Best suited for  those with a basic level of wilderness travel, You have been on a few camping trips before and have played around in a canoe and kayak You should know how to keep a canoe in a straight line and have the stamina to carry your personal bag and paddle for several hours.


Not for Novice paddlers. Trips rated as experienced are major expeditions. These trips are usually in remote locations where weather is unpredictable. Your paddling skills are at an intermediate level, you can handle your canoe or kayak in most weather conditions and have basic whitewater skills. Above all you have the right attitude, one of cooperation and flexibility.

As a side note; many of our participants on Expert Level adventures are over 50 years in age.