Your Yukon Adventure

The song of the Open Road is a symphony in the Yukon because there is just so much to see. Our roads cut through the great northern forests, follow lakes and rivers, cross alpine passes, track mountain crests and meander through tundra.

Along the way you can skirt Canada’s tallest mountain, Mount Logan in Kluane National Park, cross the Arctic Circle passed Eagle Plains, spot a range of wildlife including moose, grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, mountain sheep, mountain goats, bison, coyote and wolves to name a few and visit a variety of communities and experience “a stillness that fills you with peace.

The Yukon is also a place of meetings, with local cultures and traditions. The First Nation’s history is strongly present all over the territory and you can visit numerous museums and cultural centers to learn more about the past and present. The gold rush fever is still very real in Dawson City and the spirit of the Klondike era can be visited and experienced everywhere you go.

If you are thinking about an outdoor adventure, this is the right place for you. Canoeing one of Yukon’s Rivers is one of the wildest adventure you can treat yourself to. You can be a beginner or an experience canoe enthusiast, you will find a trip to match your interests without a doubt. Hiking is also a popular activity and for a good reason, the territory is home to thousands of kilometers of trails. Some of them thousands of years old, used by First Nations people, some of them built more recently for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.

If you are looking for a sightseeing and discovery adventure, the Yukon is also a place of great interest. Join on a sightseeing guided trip that will take you to all the best places in the Yukon and Alaska. There is so much to see and discover all over the territory. We welcome solo travelers, couples, families and elders and no matter what your skill levels are we have a Yukon adventure ready for you.

A Few Yukon Facts:

  • The Yukon is the northwest corner of Canada, right beside Alaska
  • It is about the size of France with a population of just 40,000 over 483 850 km2
  • Whitehorse is the Capital and the gateway to your adventures
  • Whitehorse is just 2.5 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia by regular air service
  • You can also fly from Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Victoria and Yellowknife to Whitehorse
  • The Yukon is right next door to Alaska, so you can easily visit both places on one trip
  • About 80% of the territory is still completely wild
  • The midnight sun is a real thing here, during summer season we get about 23 hours of light
  • During winter the daylight is limited to about 4 hours around solstice
  • You can still find gold in the Yukon
  • There are more moose than people living in the territory
  • The Yukon River is the longest river in Canada
  • The coldest temperature registered in the Yukon is -63 °C in 1947
  • Our summers are nice and comfortable with an average of 15 °C
  • The best time to look for Northern Lights is from late August to mid April

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It’s easy to travel in the Yukon

There is a misconception of how hard it is to get to the Yukon and travel within its boarders. Once you are in Whitehorse, the many roads will take you North, South, East and West without a hassle. With 4,850 km of road heading in all directions across our diverse environment, traffic jams aren’t much of a problem. Drive anywhere and you’ll find a whole new experience, unlike any you have had before. The vastness, the wilderness and the beauty of our territory is intoxicating!

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